About Us

OHIOcares was started as a collaboration of state and local agencies to support the behavioral health of returning OIF/OEF veterans, current active National Guard members and their families. Although the VA is the primary source of services for veterans, this partnership identifies additional community based resources available to service members, veterans and their families.

OHIOcares is designed to provide seven days a week consultation regarding behavioral health issues or concerns for Ohio National Guard members and their families. It is staffed by the Ohio National Guard with independently licensed clinicians and should be an integral part of the decision making process for all behavioral health incidents for active members.

While OHIOcares is not a crisis line or emergency service, staff are available to assist in evaluating the severity of situations and accessing appropriate services. If there is a potentially life threatening crisis, the member should utilize emergency services to ensure safety and then contact OHIOcares. If you are unsure how best to respond, just want information about available behavioral health resources, or have general questions, call OHIOcares and staff can advise.