Family Dimension


A nurturing Family unit is one that is safe, supportive, loving, and provides the resources needed for all members to live in a healthy and secure environment. Regardless of how a person defines his or her Family, it is often their primary source of support

OHIO NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY READINESS AND WARRIOR SUPPORT programs are designed to teach Soldiers, Airmen and Families to be “good fishermen” – knowledgeable, aware of resources, adaptable, and networked to succeed and grow from the experiences unique to military culture. In addition to providing information, the programs provide a platform to meet and relate to others who understand the challenges and experiences of military life – and in particular, the challenges facing our geographically dispersed force.

The Strong Bonds program seeks to promote healthy relationships for married couples, singles, and families through weekend enrichment events at premier hotels and resorts around the state. These events provide a fun and refreshing time to connect and learn how to better your relationships.

The youth programs provide Families with well-rounded programming, including camps, fun runs and workshops, that strengthen ties, create lifelong friends, and build leadership, resilience and camaraderie with other military families.