Spiritual Dimension


Identifying one’s purpose, core values, beliefs, identity, and life vision define the spiritual dimension. These elements, which define the essence of a person, enable one to build inner strength, make meaning of experiences, behave ethically, persevere through challenges, and be resilient when faced with adversity.

Ohio National Guard chaplains and chaplain assistants help to promote strengthened spiritual faith, resilient mental and emotional well-being, and healthy relationships for Guard members and their families.

Ohio National Guard (ONG) Religious Support Teams (RSTs) recognize, value, and respect the plurality of religious expression within our ranks. ONG RSTs support Guard members with the practice of their religious customs and observances as long as it does not have an adverse impact on readiness, unit cohesion, morale, discipline, safety, health or mission accomplishment.

The Ohio National Guard has partnered with H.E.R.O.E.S. Care in order to connect military families with local supportive faith communities. Families can request the support of a “Hometown Support Volunteer” who will serve as a primary point of contact for support through pre-deployment, deployment, family reintegration and post-deployment.

GUARD your Wellness

Spiritual Foundations

Col. Daniel Burris, Ohio National Guard state chaplain, speaks of spiritual resilience and the foundation of faith in the first video message of the GUARD your Wellness video series.


Ohio National Guard State Chaplain Col. Danial Burris speaks of prayer and its place in your spiritual well being.

Watch National Day of Prayer Video 

Reading Wellness

Ohio National Guard State Chaplain Col. Daniel Burris shares a "GUARD your Wellness" message about reading scripture to maintain your spiritual wellness.